Personal Injury Attorneys and DynaROM

In the modern courtroom, data wins over opinion 99% of the time.

Compare DynaROM’s software-generated scans with ideal graphs and make injury clear to opposing attorneys, insurers, and juries. Contact us to learn more about the power of DynaROM and make sure you’re protected.

DynaROM: The Lie Detector Test for Back Pain

“MyoVision’s DynaROM was crucial in settling our $1MM soft tissue case. Given a choice, I prefer to work with doctors that utilize MyoVision’s DynaROM.”

Elizabeth Foley, Esq.

PI Attorney

Benefits of DynaROM

Safe for children and pregnant women
Quick and cost-effective
Simple to understand built-in graphics
Designed and manufactured in the USA
It is the latest in FDA cleared, Class II Diagnostic Equipment

Why DynaROM vs ROM for Personal Injury cases?

Endpoint range of motion provides a simple “1 point” measurement of how far the patient can bend into various ranges of motion. It was thought to be the best way to evaluate injury, until the inventor of modern Range of Motion measures spent 12 years evaluating the measurement of muscle guarding.

Why is Endpoint Range of Motion hurting your PI case?

Because Endpoint Range of Motion appears normal even when muscle guarding and pain are present. The jury simply sees “normal range of motion” and the game is over. With DynaROM, if muscle guarding exists, the instrument is sensitive to, and displays this as ABNORMAL, thus saving your case.